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Cleaning Your Retail Store

A 360 Cleaning Clean Retail Store
Maintaining a clean retail store isn’t just better for business, it will also keep customers and employees healthy.

Maintaining a retail store is a lot of work—you face high foot traffic every day, and people are not careful about moving things around or leaving huge messes in their wake. Stores need to be kept clean and orderly for several reasons, including customer satisfaction and health safety laws. There are a few important steps to be taken to keep your store pristine.


First and foremost, surfaces that are regularly touched need to be sanitized. This is critical not just for the health and safety of customers but also for your employees. Keeping germ-heavy surfaces and objects sanitized will result in fewer sick days among your employees and protect customers from illness. This task needs to be done daily for the best results—a busy store has a lot of bacteria and viruses lying in wait on any given day.


Floor cleaning is another task that should be done daily. Floors get a lot of dirt and debris tracked onto them, especially in a bustling retail store. Leaving your floors for even one day will result in a much bigger and more difficult cleaning job later. Whether it’s carpet, vinyl, wood, or another flooring option, it needs to be cleaned at the end of each day to remain clean and shiny.

Staff Area

When your first concern is the areas of the store visible to customers, it can be easy to forget about the staff areas of your store. However, this is as important as any other area because having staff resting and eating in an area that isn’t regularly cleaned and disinfected can lead to a rise in employee sick days and a potential downturn in productivity. Sick employees are going to struggle to do their jobs effectively even if they do come to work, so make sure their break areas and areas where they often work are kept clean.

Hire Professionals

One of the best things any retail store can do is hire professional cleaners. While some stores will simply delegate cleaning tasks to employees, this is not a good use of their time, and it takes away from their usual jobs. In addition, retail employees are not trained or experienced cleaners, and they simply won’t do as thorough of a job as a professional cleaning company. Investing in a professional cleaning company offsets the cost of paying your regular employees to clean and ensures that the job is done right.

Cleaning Tips and Services from A 360 Cleaning

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