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Carpet Cleaning Myths that are Hurting Your Business

carpet cleaning
Here are three carpet cleaning myths that are keeping your floors from looking their best.

If your office has carpet, you might think that giving your floors a once-over with a steam cleaner every now and then is enough to get the job done. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and having dirty carpets can wreak havoc on your company’s reputation and employee health. There are a handful of carpet cleaning myths that can leave your carpet looking grimy, faded, or stained. Here are three carpet cleaning myths that are keeping your floors from looking their best. 

Myth 1: You Can Rent a Machine and Clean Carpets Yourself

Just because you can rent a carpet cleaning machine does not mean that you should. Carpet cleaning machines that are sold or rented to the public work by depositing water and soap into your carpet. The catch is that the machines cannot remove all of the water, leaving your carpet a breeding ground for mold and mildew. The harsh brushes on these cleaners can also damage carpet fibers and backing. Also, most soaps and shampoos on the market are extremely harsh and often remove color from carpets, making them look faded and dingy.

Myth 2: Carpet Cleaning and Deodorizing Powders Work Well

Some janitorial crews only sprinkle on deodorizing powders or dry cleaners to “clean” carpets. Not only do these products not work, but they also attract dirt and stain your floors. Most dry cleaning agents contain talcum powder, which does not dissolve in water. Because of this, powders are extremely difficult to remove from carpets once they have been applied. Vacuums have a limited effect, and most of the time the talcum powder remains embedded in the carpet where it can stain fibers and attract dirt. At A 360 Cleaning, our carpet cleaning professionals use the correct products for your floors to ensure that they get truly clean every time.

Myth 3: New Carpets Don’t Need Cleaning

Perhaps the most insidious carpet cleaning myth is the belief that new carpets (ones that have been installed within the last year) do not need to be cleaned. The truth of the matter is that while your new carpet may not look dirty, the constant contact from regular foot traffic paired with microscopic particles of dust and dirt will wear down your carpet’s fibers over time. By the time you can see the dirt, it is incredibly likely that your carpet has already undergone significant wear. Keep your investment in the best condition possible by having your carpets cleaned by the professionals at A 360 Cleaning. Call us today!

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