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How to Get Rid of Common Types of Office Spills

How to Get Rid of Common Types of Office Spills
Today, we’ll go over different kinds of office spills and what you can do to remove them.

Since people tend to spend 40 hours or more at their workplace, accidents are going to happen eventually. One such incident that can occur is spills. In an office setting, there are many kinds of spills that can occur throughout the day, and if they happen, you need to know how you should deal with them. Today, we’ll go over different kinds of office spills and what you can do to remove them.


Coffee stains are common in office environments and can also be common in home environments, so it’s likely that you’ve already needed to remove a coffee stain at least once before. Nevertheless, it’s a spill that needs addressing. You don’t want coffee to spread from tables to carpeting or to any other area of your office. To deal with coffee spills, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Use cold water or club soda to soak the stain, then blot the stain by using a towel
  2. Continue to soak and blot until you notice the stain isn’t fading anymore
  3. After blotting, use a spray for carpet cleaning, and follow whatever directions the product provides

Pen Ink

Most offices work with pens quite often, so it’s no surprise that pen ink will be one of the more common office stains you’ll need to remove. Ink can be a particularly stubborn stain to clean, but there is still something you can do to address the stain.

  1. Put either some rubbing alcohol or a nail polish remover on the stain to soak it, while blotting on occasion by using a paper towel
  2. Use cold water to rinse the pen ink stain
  3. Rub liquid detergent onto your stain, and allow the detergent to settle for around 10 minutes
  4. Rinse your stain again with more cold water

Mud and Dirt

Mud and dirt can be tracked into many buildings, and offices are no exception. These messes can often be addressed with ease by contacting a commercial cleaning company, but if you’re tight on time, you can still take matters into your own hands. This is what to do if dirt or mud gets tracked into your office (make sure you DON’T wipe or blot these stains):

  1. Apply baking soda or salt to your stain and allow everything to dry
  2. Run a vacuum through the area
  3. Continue repeating the first two steps until your stain isn’t getting any better
  4. Use a trusted floor cleaning product, using it as the directions advise.

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