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How to Buff Commercial Floors

How to Buff Commercial Floors
Today, we’ll be reviewing what it means to buff commercial floors and how you can create a solid floor buffing schedule.

Are you looking to give your commercial floors a new shiny and glossy look? If so, you’ll want to spend time buffing them. By buffing all of your commercial floors, you can remove pesky scuffs and scratch marks and simultaneously renew your floor’s glossy finish. Every time you buff your floor, you’ll give it a like-new look that is sure to impress people. Today, we’ll be reviewing what it means to buff commercial floors and how you can create a solid floor buffing schedule.

Defining Buffing

To buff your floor means to give it a deep and thorough cleaning. In a way, you “exfoliate” your floor’s topmost layer so you can show off how lustrous and glossy it is. If you have the proper materials, most commercial floors can be buffed without trouble. When buffing, you should consider that there are two ways to buff your floor, and we want to review them with you.

  • Spray buffing: This type of floor buffing involves using a liquid to get rid of dirt. This helps give commercial floors a more glamorous and lustrous appearance. With the help of a polishing solution, scuffs can be removed from your floor while leveling your floor’s surface.
  • Dry buffing: By using a high-speed buffer, dry buffing gets rid of pesky marks on your floor while smoothing out your finish. It’s not advised that you handle dry floor buffing yourself. Instead, contact a professional floor cleaning company that has experts who are experienced with these kinds of jobs.

How Often Does Buffing for Commercial Floors Need to Be Done?

If your facility gets plenty of foot traffic, you should buff your commercial floors once every month. For facilities with less foot traffic, it would suffice to buff them once every other month instead, or possibly every three months. This allows you to maintain the glamorous look of your floors, and this is sure to be appreciated by your customers and employees.

Not only does buffing your commercial floors make them look better, but it also helps them last longer. Floor buffing ensures that dirt, scratches, and gunk don’t have the chance to stick around for too long and cause damage.

Commercial Cleaning Services from A 360 Cleaning

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