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Always Keep These 4 Parts of Your Medical Office Clean

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When cleaning a medical office, pay special attention to these four areas to prevent the spread of germs and disease among your clients, employees, and visitors.

If you work in a medical office, chances are you think about germs and cleanliness regularly. All waiting rooms and lobbies can become hives for disease if they are left unclean, but this is especially true in a medical setting. When cleaning a medical office, pay special attention to these four areas to prevent the spread of germs and disease among your clients, employees, and visitors.

1. Floors

Floors can get filthy in any setting, but especially in a medical office. When people are sick, they can sometimes track vomit, blood, or other unsanitary substances through a waiting room. These can settle into carpet or hard floors, creating a layer of dirt, grime, and germs. Be sure to do a deep clean of the floors regularly to ensure that no germs are left behind. This is especially important in offices that specialize in pediatrics, obstetrics, or family medicine. Many parents try to keep their children from crawling on dirty floors, but kids are resourceful and opportunistic and will find ways to do it anyway.

2. Furniture

Furniture presents similar disease risk to floors, but with a greater set of challenges. Furniture has plenty of nooks and crannies for germs, trash, and debris to get trapped and fester. Areas such as reception desks are particularly important to clean since all patients visit (and often touch) these pieces of furniture. If left unclean, desks, chairs, and tables can become vectors for disease. Be sure to use the appropriate cleaners for each type of material, and leave no spot uncleaned and no cushion unturned.

3. Doors

Cleaning doors well is absolutely vital for promoting health in your medical office. Door handles, knobs, and sides where patients are likely to put their hands must be cleaned regularly in order to prevent the spread of illness. Nearly every patient who comes through your doors will touch them, so germs on door surfaces can accumulate quickly. Placing a hand sanitizer dispenser near the door is a good way to promote health, but it is no substitute for regular and thorough cleaning.

4. Magazines

Magazines are a ubiquitous fixture of medical offices everywhere, but how can you keep them clean for patients? The short answer is that you can’t. It is simply not practical to clean magazines. Therefore, magazines should be cycled through regularly. If a magazine has been in your medical office for a while, toss it out and replace it with a new one.

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