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4 Signs You Need a Commercial Cleaning Service for Your Office

commercial cleaning service
Here are four signs that your office could use a commercial cleaning service.

If you run a small business, you may not have any staff dedicated to cleaning your office. While that can sometimes work in the short term, the cleaning needs of your facility will change over time. Whether your business gets larger or simply stays in the same office for a while, you may notice that the level of cleanliness will slowly decrease. Without the occasional deep clean or regular light cleaning, dirt, dust, grime, and debris will slowly fill your office. Here are four signs that your office could use a commercial cleaning service.

1. Increase in Pests

If you have noticed an uptick in ants, flies, mice, or cockroaches, it is definitely time to call a professional cleaning service. Insects and rodents can be drawn to spilled food, full trash cans, and the quiet, private spaces that clutter and debris provide. Even if you just see an ant or two, one ant can bring in a whole colony in a hurry. Not only will a commercial cleaning service dispose of trash and clean obvious stains and grime, they will also clean less obvious traces of food and trash that insects hunger for.

2. Misused Employee Time

When an office is dirty and there is no one to clean it, some employees may step up and do some cleaning themselves. This takes them away from the work you actually pay them for! Decreased office productivity can be a sign of a dirty office, especially since the employees who often take charge and clean are the employees who work the hardest. Get your staff back to work by hiring a cleaning service to take care of your facility.

3. Uniform Grime on Walls and Floors

If your walls, floors, and counters are a slightly different color than they used to be, it is time to call a commercial cleaning service. You can test this by moving any pictures or calendars you have hanging on walls, or moving rugs or furniture from their places on the floor. If there is a marked difference in color, your surfaces have built up a layer of grime that desperately needs cleaning.

4. You Can Recognize Your Office by its Smell

There are smells, and then there are SMELLS. If your office has an unmistakable funk, you have likely gotten used to it over time. Strange odors can come from a multitude of sources, and some are more benign than others. If your office has a distinctly foul odor, call a commercial cleaning service so you can breathe easy.

Commercial Cleaning Services from A 360 Cleaning

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