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Keeping Scratches From Happening to Your Hardwood Floors

Keeping Scratches From Happening to Your Hardwood Floors
Here is what to do if you want to minimize the chances of your hardwood floors becoming scratched.

For any building with hardwood floors, you’ll want to keep those floors in top shape for as long as you possibly can. One problem that can pop up with these floors is that they can get scratched. Like with many problems, scratched floors are best solved by preventing them in the first place. So how does one stop these floors from getting scratched? Here is what to do if you want to minimize the chances of your hardwood floors becoming scratched.

Entry Mats are a Big Help

Hardwood floors can get worn down much more easily when they are exposed to water, as well as salt and snow. It’s easier to expose hardwood flooring to these conditions if you bring them in from the outdoors. Therefore, it helps to have entry mats around, so you don’t track salt and water inside.

Make sure you have two entry mats for every entrance your building has. One should be just outside the building, while the other should be on the inside, right next to the entrance.

Don’t Have Rollers On Your Chairs

Rollers can seem convenient for allowing your chairs to glide across your hardwood floors, however, they can actually cause serious harm to these surfaces. Because of this, we don’t advise using rollers on the chairs you have around your building. If you absolutely must have rollers for your chairs, get mats for whatever areas these chairs will be used. You don’t want the chairs to roll directly across your hardwood floors because this is how scratches form.

Give Your Hardwood Floors Regular Cleanings to Prevent Dirt Buildup

Dirt and grit are always going to be present in your building. What’s important is that you address dirt and grit before they have a chance to cause too much damage. That is why you need to stay on top of floor cleaning maintenance routines. For hardwood floors, a swiffer would be a preferred tool for picking up and disposing of dirt. As long as you keep your hardwood floors clean, they have a better chance of lasting much longer.

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