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Cleaning Waiting Rooms is Vital and Incredibly Easy!

cleaning waiting rooms

The good news is that cleaning waiting rooms is not only vital, but incredibly easy.

The waiting room is one of the most important areas of any medical office. Whether your office is for a general primary care physician, a dentist, or especially a pediatrician, you’ll want to keep your waiting rooms clean. The good news is that cleaning waiting rooms is not only vital, but incredibly easy. In this blog we’ll examine three ways of cleaning waiting rooms.

Prevention is Important for Cleaning Waiting Rooms

Cross-contamination can be a problem in almost any environment. But in a pediatrician or regular doctor’s office, prevention is key. Avoid stuffed animals and other toys that are hard to clean. They are germ magnets and provide a sanctuary for sickness.

A better idea is to instead carry board books or other such toys for waiting children to play with. If you decide to carry board books, make sure they have slick, possibly laminated pages and smooth, hard surfaces, preferably made from plastic. This way the books can resist contamination and be easier to clean at the end of the day. More importantly, make sure they won’t be damaged by the cleaning products you plan on using.

Cleaning Toys is Important As Well

You should expect most of the toys to be played with every day. Therefore, you should also make sure that your cleaners collect them every night for a thorough cleaning. The cleaners should also follow the steps outlined below. When cleaning waiting rooms, ensuring the focal point of the room is clean as well is supremely important. In this case, it would be the toys that are probably going to see the most use and possibly abuse, in the room. To be sure that the toys are properly cleaned, follow these steps:

  • Fill a bucket or sink up with cleaning solution. The toys should then soak for at least ten minutes.
  • The resulting mixture should be stirred every few minutes to ensure all sides of the toys are cleaned.
  • After the bucket or sink is emptied, rinse off the toys. The rinsing should be done with water and then the toys should be set aside to air dry. The next morning, the toy box should be wiped down before being refilled with the newly cleaned toys.
  • Disposable wipes can be used on toys and books that aren’t easily doused in water.

Don’t Forget About the Furniture

Another important part of the waiting room is making sure the furniture is cleaned as well. Traditional methods could actually spread germs around, so be sure that your cleaners know of certain help methods, such as the eight-fold technique or a numbered microfiber towel.

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