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Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning

Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning
Here are the phases that post-construction cleaning will follow.

Construction projects are massive undertakings, and they take a lot of time to complete from start to finish. After the project is done, you also have to deal with the leftover mess. Since construction projects can get quite hectic and messy, there will likely be quite a bit of debris left from the project, and there are many steps involved in the cleaning process once construction is done. Here are the phases that post-construction cleaning will follow.

Rough Clean

This is the first step of the post-construction cleaning process, and it happens once framing, plumbing, and electrical work has been completed. During this phase, larger items are among the first pieces of debris to be addressed. These items will be too large to clean up using a vacuum.

After the larger items have been removed, there will be a sweeping and vacuuming process. It’s during this phase when stickers from the windows and doors will also be removed.

Light Clean

This is the second phase in the post-construction cleaning process, and it’s the phase that has the largest amount of work. Many different pieces of equipment are needed to conduct light cleaning properly.

During this stage, staff will attend to rooms that provide unique purposes, such as kitchens and restrooms. Among the items that are thoroughly cleaned include cabinets, windows, and toilets, among many other items that got installed during construction. This phase is the main reason people turn to professional commercial cleaning services.

Final Clean

This is the final step during post-construction cleaning, and it’s basically the touch-up portion of the cleanup procedure. This phase takes place a few days after light cleaning has occurred because dirt and dust could still need to settle.

In the touch-up stage of cleaning, there isn’t as much left to do because the majority of the items around the worksite have already been cleaned. All that’s left to clean is bothersome marks, such as fingerprints, stains, and smudges that could keep features of someone’s property from looking brand new. You could try to handle this stage of cleaning yourself, but if you don’t want your staff using up time from their day to handle cleaning, or you don’t have the right cleaning supplies, it can be a great idea to hire commercial cleaning services to get your building in top shape.

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