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How Often Do Offices Typically Get Cleaned?

Are all of the spaces within your workplace being cleaned regularly? Offices thrive on having clean enough spaces to work!

First impressions are a big deal, and that is especially true in business. For your business and your brand, a large part of the first impression comes down to your office cleanliness. When your office looks dirty, dingy, or even just untidy, it can give the wrong impression that your skills or workmanship are equally unkempt. So how often should you clean your office? It really comes down to how much traffic and use your office sees, and honestly, different parts of offices likely need different cleaning schedules.


The amount of foot traffic your office sees and subsequently how dirty the floors get will determine how often they need to be cleaned. In large offices, with many employees or visitors, the floors should be cleaned daily. In smaller offices, you could probably stretch it to weekly. However, if you’re in a particularly dirty season – with lots of mud, dirt, or leaves that get tracked in – you may need to clean them more often.


Bathrooms need at least some light cleaning everyday, regardless of the size of your office. Daily tidying up and wiping down is the minimum you should be doing to limit the spread of germs. If your office is small and the bathroom doesn’t see a lot of traffic, you could limit the intense, deep clean to once a week. If your office is medium to large, the bathroom should be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.

Kitchen Areas

Cleaning the kitchen areas will also depend on usage. If it is rarely used, you probably only need to clean it once a week, but if it is used daily by many employees, daily cleaning is probably necessary. You should also plan to clean out and organize the fridge once a week to prevent food spoilage and smells.


If your office is small, you may be able to get away with only emptying the trashcans once a week, if they’re large cans. If they’re small cans, you will probably still need to empty them everyday, and if your office is large, you’ll need to empty the cans everyday regardless of the can size. Additionally, cans that have food debris should be emptied everyday.


The size of the office and amount of traffic have little influence on how dirty the windows are. Weather and outside conditions have more impact and windows can go anywhere from a few days to a month without needing to be thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning Tips and Services from A 360 Cleaning

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