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Commercial Cleaning Checklist for Winter

Commercial Cleaning Checklist for Winter
Here is a checklist for when you’re planning cleaning tasks or to have handy when you’re talking to your commercial cleaning professionals.

Now that the holidays are upon us, everything feels rushed and busy. It’s easy to forget that aside from the holidays, winter is a time where most things slow down, even businesses (unless your business is snow-related). Most offices and venues see fewer people, but those who do come in track in snow and ice and salt and grime and general grossness on shoes and coats. It can make keeping your commercial spaces clean during this season really difficult. Here is a  checklist for when you’re planning cleaning tasks or to have handy when you’re talking to your commercial cleaning professionals. 

Start At The Bottom

The floors are going to be where winter mess hits hardest. First, you should invest in quality mats that allow people to dry their feet without the risk of falling at any entrances. If your mats are older, you may think about replacing them. Next, remember that cleaning the floors also means keeping these mats clean so that they work appropriately. When mopping the floors, use a winter cleaner solution that will be more effective at breaking down the salt and snow-melt chemicals that are being tracked inside. If you have carpets, vacuum regularly and treat stains as needed. You should also increase the frequency of mopping during this time of year. 

Sanitize Surfaces

Surfaces and workspaces where germs live and hide are the next areas that need attention. Winter months are the time when people get sick more often, but it doesn’t stop them from going places, even to work sometimes. With the common cold, the flu, and new COVID variants at the top of your mind, make a detailed list of the spaces and surfaces that need sanitizing: door handles, shared keyboards (like sign-in stations), office supplies, and pay stations. Anywhere that multiple people will have to touch, you should be stepping up your disinfecting procedures.

Take Care Of The Air

Now is the best time to check on your HVAC system and replace filters if needed. The HVAC is an important player in the tasks to keep your commercial space clean and safe. Don’t forget about it or write it off for another season.

Let In Light

Winter cleaning should also include your windows. Dirt and grime dirty the windows outside while smudges and fingerprints dirty them inside. Either way, all that mess makes it harder for sunlight to get into your space. Letting in the sunlight helps you control heating costs and also improves employee morale. Also, dirty windows make a horrible first impression. Finally, don’t forget to dust blinds and clean drapes while you’re at it. 

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